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Lab Sections - Anatomic Pathology

The mission of the pathology section is to provide timely, accurate and understandable diagnostic test results for veterinarians and animal owners throughout the state.

The major services provided by the anatomic pathology section are as follows:

1. Surgical pathology services: multiple fixed specimens from a single patient, including those taken at postmortem examination are evaluated at a single price. The tissues from each case also have unlimited cytochemistries and three immunohistochemistries at no additional cost.

2. Mailed in fixed and refrigerated samples: the anatomic pathologist case coordinator is responsible for directing samples to other labs for testing, evaluating slides made from fixed tissue, and commenting on the test results.

3. Necropsy services: Necropsy services include various levels of service, ranging from gross examination through gross and histology only to all laboratory tests (excluding toxicology). There are additional charges for large animal spinal cord examination, tests involving organ systems unrelated to the disease problem, and cosmetic necropsies.

4. The service evaluates BVD ear notch specimens for presence or absence of BVD protein expression and occasionally is asked to evaluate other immunohistochemistry tests done on outside cases.


Anatomic Pathology Personnel:

Gayle C. Johnson, DVM, PhD, Pathologist, Assoc. Director, Professor, ACVP, johnsongc@missouri.edu

Linda Berent, DVM, PhD, Pathologist, Clinical Assistant Professor, ACVP, berentl@missouri.edu

Jessica Fortin, DVM Pathology Resident

Dae Young Kim, DVM, PhD, ACVP, Pathologist, Clinical Assistant Professor kimdy@missouri.edu

Kei Kuroki, DVM, PhD, ACVP, Pathologist, Assistant Professor kurokik@missouri.edu

William J. Mitchell Jr., DVM, PhD, Pathologist, Associate Professor, MitchellWJ@missouri.edu

Rachel Newton, Sr. Research Laboratory Technician (Receiving), newtonr@missouri.edu

Dan Shaw, DVM, PhD, Avian and Mammalian Pathologist, Professor, ACVP, ACPV shawd@missouri.edu

Fred Williams III, DVM, Pathologist, Clinical Assistant Professor, ACVP, williamsfre@missouri.edu

Jami Davidson, Sr. Res. Lab Technician

Floreisha Washington, Office Support Assistant (Receiving), washingtonfn@missouri.edu

Michael Zinn, DVM, Pathology Resident


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