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The Diagnostic Bacteriology/Mycology section of the VMDL provides services to veterinary pathologists (mammalian & avian) in the VMDL, veterinary practitioners in the field and clinicians in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Antemortem and postmortem samples are utilized to assist clinicians when bacterial or mycotic agents are suspected as etiologic agents. Methods are available to culture and identify aerobic, facultatively anaerobic, strictly anaerobic, microaerophilic micro-organisms, and Tritrichomonas foetus.

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing is accomplished with the microdilution minimal inhibitory concentration technique (MIC) to assist clinicians in the best choice of antimicrobial agents for the treatment and control of bacterial diseases.

Fimbriae and toxin identification (virulence factors) can be performed with E. coli isolates to determine if the isolate is pathogenic or saprophytic. Tests are currently available to identify the following fimbriae: K88, K99, 987P, F18, F1845, CS31A, and EAE.

E. coli determined to be pathogenic can be forwarded, upon request, to a Biological Laboratory for production of an autogenous bacterin. In like manner, other bacterial isolates can be forwarded, upon request, for autogenous bacterin production.

Fungi and yeasts of veterinary medical significance are identified with conventional methods. If antifungal or yeast susceptibility tests are needed, cultures can be referred to a reference laboratory.

Personnel in the Bacteriology Laboratory include Research Specialist Jesse Bowman, Research Lab Tech. Sr. David Cozad and Lab Supervisor Irene Ganjam. The Laboratory is under the direction of Dr. Tamara Gull DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVIM(LA), ACVPM, ACVM. Dr. Thomas J. Reilly, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor, has research emphasis in Biochemical characterization of Host/Microbe Interaction; Development of PCR Diagnostic Probes for Diseases of bacterial etiology; Vaccine Development.


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