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The Serology laboratory at the VMDL is responsible for testing samples submitted by veterinary practitioners both in and out of state. Samples are also received from the MU veterinary teaching hospital. The laboratory focuses on serum tests which assist in the diagnosis of infectious or parasitic diseases. Over 50 different tests are conducted, encompassing diseases of both farm and companion animals (see VMDL test list). Service is also provided for specimens from Missouri zoos. Either individual animal or group (herd, flock, kennel) serologic testing may be appropriate depending on the particular disease entity. For example, outbreaks of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome disease are best monitored on a herd basis while samples submitted for canine brucellosis antibody examination may be either from individual animals or an entire kennel.

For several years the Serology laboratory has collaborated with the Missouri Departmen of Public Health in surveillance testing of wild birds and sentinel birds for evidence of arthropod-borne encephalitis viruses such as St. Louis encephalitis and Western equine encephalitis virus. As a service to veterinarians in Missouri, diagnostic tests for suspected viral encephalitis cases in horses are conducted in the VMDL Serology laboratory.

Reasons for serologic testing are varied. In addition to disease diagnosis, serologic tests may be required for maintaining groups of animals free of specific diseases, for participation in Federal and State regulated disease eradication programs, for obtaining interstate or international export permits, for assessing vaccination efficacy or for monitoring response to treatment. Methods of serologic testing vary depending on the disease tested. Turnaround time for many tests is rapid with results completed within a day or two of sample receipt. The Serology laboratory is commited to serving the needs of its cients by providing the most expedient and reliable tests available. The Serology laboratory is nationally accredited in performance of pseudorabies, bovine leukosis, bluetongue and equine infectious anemia testing. This accreditation is maintained by successful completion of yearly “check tests” administered by the United States Department of Agriculture National Veterinary Services Laboratory. Identification of cases of pseudorabies virus and equine infectious anemia are reported to the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

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Personnel in the Serology laboratory includes LaToyia Sly, MS, Research Specialist II.


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