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The toxicology section provides an array of chemical analyses primarily based on the needs of Missouri veterinarians, agricultural producers and pet owners. Laboratory chemists utilize thin layer, high performance liquid and gas chromatographic procedures to identify and quantitate a variety of pesticides, illicit drugs, feed additives and mycotoxins in animal specimens and feeds. Atomic absorption spectroscopy is used to quantitate metals in biological specimens from animals suspected of being poisoned. Atomic absorption spectroscopy and high performance liquid chromatography are also used to assess various nutritional deficiencies, including those involving copper, magnesium, selenium, vitamin A and vitamin E. Various anions, such as nitrate, sulfate and chloride, can be measured in serum, ocular fluid and water, using high performance liquid chromatography. Additional support for pet owners and the livestock industry is provided through consultation with a toxicologist. Suggested testing procedures, sampling requirements, therapeutic advice and interpretation of analytical results are routinely provided through written and telephone communications.

Analytical procedures are performed by Ben Landers, Research Specialist. Specialty procedures and methods development are supervised by an analytical chemist, George Rottinghaus, PhD. Interpretation of analytical results, therapeutic advice, residue considerations in food animals and toxicology of pesticides, metals, mycotoxins and feed additives are provided by Tim J. Evans, DVM, MS, PhD and diplomate of the ACT and ABVT. Stan Casteel, DVM, PhD and diplomate in the ABVT.


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