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Charles E. Wiedmeyer
Associate Professor, Veterinary Pathobiology
Coordinator, VMDL Clinical Pathology Residency Program
Clinical Pathologist, VMDL

  • DVM, University of Illinois
  • PhD, University of Illinois
  • Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Pathologists

Building Address:  379 E. Campus Dr, A345 Clydesdale Hall

Phone Number: 573-882-0052

Email: wiedmeyerc@missouri.edu

Research Emphasis: Clinical pathology of laboratory animals, renal biomarkers, new technology for monitoring glucose homeostasis in domestic species


VPBIO 6647, Senior Clinical Pathology Rotation.  4th year Veterinary Students
VPBIO 5578, Veterinary Clinical Pathology. 2nd year Veterinary Students
VPBIO 8434, Advanced Clinical Pathology.  Graduate Students and Residents
VPBIO 8436, Mechanisms of Disease.  Graduate Students, Course Coordinator

Selected Publications:

Mobley CB, Toedebusch RG, Lockwood CM, Heese AJ, Zhu C, Krieger AE, Cruthirds CL, Hofheins JC, Company JM, Wiedmeyer CE, Kim DY, Booth FW, Roberts MD. 2014. Herbal adaptogens combined with protein fractions from bovine colostrum and hen egg yolk reduce liver TNF-α expression and protein carbonylation in Western diet feeding in rats. Nutr Metab (Lond). 11:19. doi: 10.1186/1743-7075-11-19. PMID: 24822076

Wiedmeyer, C.E., J.P. Crossland, M.J. Dewey, M.R. Felder, S.C. Barlow, P.B. Vrana, and G. Szalai. 2014. Comparative Hematological and Serum Biochemical Values among Peromyscus Species and Their Hybrids.  J. Am. Assoc. Lab. Animal Sci.

Wiedmeyer, C.E., T.J. Fangman, K. Schwartz, and B. Payne. 2014. Fine Needle Aspiration and Cytology as an Alternate Method for Evaluating Injection Site Lesions. J. Swine Health Prod.

Jackson, DE, Selting, KA, Spoor, MS, Henry, CJ, Wiedmeyer CE.  2013. Evaluation of Fixation Time using Diff-Quik® for Staining of Canine Mast Cell Tumor Aspirates. Vet. Clinical Pathol. 42(1):99-102. PMID: 23278320

Little, R.R., C.L. Rohlfing, A.L. Tennill, S.E. Hanson, S. Connolly, T. Higgins, Wiedmeyer, CE, C.W. Weykamp, R. Drawse, and W. Roberts. 2013. Measurement of HbA1c in Patients with Chronic Renal Failure. Clin. Chem. Acta, 418:73-76. PMID: 23318566

Spoor MS, Spagnoli ST, Burton E, Wininger F, Romsland T, Kuroki K, Wiedmeyer CE. 2013. What is your diagnosis? Cystic mass in the fourth ventricle of a dog. Vet. Clin. Pathol. 42(3):387-388. PMID: 23772996

Cregar L, Wiedmeyer CE, Ringen DR, Evans TJ, Johnson GC, Kuroki K. 2012. Copper toxicity in a Boer goat. Veterinary Clinical Pathology  41(4):502-508. PMID: 23121408

Hu, T, Ghazaryan, S, Sy, C, Wiedmeyer CE, Chang, V, Wu, L.  2012. Concomitant inactivation of Rb and E2f8 in hematopoietic stem cells synergizes to induce hemolytic anemia.  Blood 119:4532-4542.

Johnson PJ, Wiedmeyer CE, LaCarrubba A, Ganjam VK, Messer NT 4th. 2012. Diabetes, insulin resistance, and metabolic syndrome in horses. J. Diabetes Sci. Technol. 6(3):534-540.

Johnson, PJ, Wiedmeyer, CE, LaCarrubba, A, Messer, NT, Cogswell, AM, Ganjam, VK.  Clinical Assessment of Blood Glucose Homeostasis in Horses: Comparison of a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System with a Combined Intravenous Glucose and Insulin Test Protocol. Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 25(1):162-165, 2011

Wiedmeyer, CE and DeClue, AE.  Glucose Monitoring in Diabetic Dogs and Cats: Adapting New Technology for Home and Hospital Care.  Clinics in Laboratory Medicine, 31, 41-50, 2011 (Invited Review)

Whaley-Connell, A Habibi, J, Johnson, M, Tilmon, R, Rehmer, N, Rehmer, J, Wiedmeyer, CE, Ferrario, CM, Sowers, JR.  Nebivolol Reduces Proteinuria and Renal NADPH Oxidase Generated Reactive Oxygen Species in the Transgenic Ren2 rat.  American Journal of Nephrology 30, 354-360, 2009

Chaudhary, K, Phadke, G, Nistala, R, Wiedmeyer, CE, McFarlane, SI, Whaley-Connell, A.  The Emerging Role of Biomarkers in Diabetic and Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease.  Current Diabetes Reports, Online publication , 2010

Johnson, PJ, Wiedmeyer, CE, LaCarrubba, A, Ganjam, VK, Messer, NT.  Laminitis and the Equine Metabolic Syndrome. Veterinary Clinics of North America:  Equine Practice, 26:2, 239-255, 2010

Wiedmeyer, CE and Royal, AR.  Urine biomarkers for monitoring disease progression in the Han:SPRD-cy rat model for autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease.  Comparative Medicine, 60(6), 448-454, 2010

Johnson, PJ, Wiedmeyer, CE, Messer, NT, Ganjam, VK.  The Medical Implications of Obesity in Horses-Lessons for Human Obesity.  Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology 3(1), 1-12, 2009

Johnson, PJ, Wiedmeyer, CE, Messer, NT.  Conditions of the Equine Pancreas.  Equine Veterinary Education 21(1), 26-29, 2009

Whaley-Connell, A, Habibi J, Wei Y, Gutweiler A, Jellison J, Wiedmeyer CE, Ferrario CM, Sowers JR. Mineralcorticoid Receptor Antagonism Attenuates Filtration Barrier Remodeling in the Transgenic Ren2 rat. American Journal of Physiology-Renal Physiology 296, F1013-F1022, 2009

Johnson, PJ, Messer IV, NT, Ganjam, SK, Wiedmeyer, CE.  Pregnancy-associated Laminitis in Mares.  Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 29(1), 42-46, 2009



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